Osteria Basilico

Osteria Basilico

Average check: 450
# Spot number: A3

Osteria Basilico is the ultimate Italian restaurant in Gastroport.

Have you noticed the famous basil leave? You are lucky- it's our corporate gastronomic signature, which means Italian restaurant is right near you.

The menu of the new Osteria has absorbed into itself several reasons to remind us why we love Italy: homemade pasta freska, carbonara, classic salads, focaccia with rosemary and parmesan, pizza Napoletana and its miniature for one person- pizzetta. Each dish contains basil in this way or another and becomes the symbol of the restaurant.

Behind the concept stands Grand Food company, which has been successfully launching 150 restaurant in 50 cities of Russia. "Tashir Pizza"- a chain of pizza restaurants with delivery options, working since 1993 and meat restaurants MERZEN are among a few.

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